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A shot a day for 2012.
1-1-12 Attack Monkey1-2-12 Coca-Cola1-3-12 Sugar Bowl1-4-12 Blue Vase1-5-12 Whale of a Tale1-6-12 Hole in the Clouds1-7-12 This Way Up1-8-12 Wolf Moon1-9-12 On My Bookshelf1-10-12 Conch1-11-12 A Ride for Rob1-12-12 Raindrops1-14-12 Peacock1-15-12 Matinee1-16-12 Tree Shadow1-17-12 Snake Charmer1-18-12 Graffiti 11-19-12 Shockingly Dry1-20-12 Sky and Steel1-21-12 Barn in Snow